Tips For Learning Documenting Skills

Writing and being creative is one form of writing that many people gravitate towards.  However, this is not the only form of creative writing you can do.  One skill that will serve you well is the ability to document events, conversations and other situations for future review.  One of the ways that you can do this is by becoming a court reporters lynn ma.


When documenting anything you need speed.  Life happens fast and as such many of the details will slip by without you even realizing it.  When you document a situation your speed will help in collecting as much information about a situation as possible.


Focus on details; tall man, black hair, scar on shoulder, etc.  These details are all components that are important and could be vital in a court case.  When it comes to detail being able to determine the level of detail you need will come with practice.  As a court reporter making sure to get these details down will help in your success in this field.


The power of shorthand is your friend.  With shorthand you can write in codes that you as a reporter understand and can then later translate if needed.  With shorthand, symbols can mean words and combinations of these symbols can mean thoughts and intentions. Developing your shorthand skills will allow you to quickly move through conversations and events in the courtroom.

Knowing the law

Learning the law and how the courtroom works will also help you in your job.  As you sit on cases and listen in on the details you will quickly pick up patterns and procedures that will help you in your speed and accuracy. 

court reporters lynn ma

The world of working in a courtroom isn’t just lawyers and judges.  There are many people that have important positions that don’t get recognized or appreciated as much.  However, as a court reporter you are right in the middle of the action with the most important job of all.