Notary 101

There are a lot of small jobs and opportunities one can take part in without committing themselves to public service.  One of these is learning how to become a notary.  When you are a notary you are able to be witness to the signing of legal documents, binding contracts and even perform marriages.  For those looking to know the steps required take note of the steps below.

Meet State Requirements

Each state will require a specific set of guidelines to become a notary.  In many states you are just required to register as a voter.  Once you have your voter’s registration you are able to become a notary.  Again, each state is different, but these are the minimum for most states.

Complete and submit an application

Like pretty much everything else in life you will need to fill out an application.  This application will be fairly straightforward and just ask you for some basic information.  You will need to send in your state issued ID and a copy of your social security card so make sure you have them handy.  Once you have completed this step you are well on your way.

Pay the state filing fee

Each state again will be different on their fees but with your application you will need to send a filing fee.  This is under one hundred dollars in most cases.

how to become a notary

Complete additional identification

Depending on the state you may need to take part in training, fingerprinting and other requirements.  There may also be a state certified test as well. 

Receive your certification certificate

Once you have completed all of the required documents you will receive your state certified certificate.  This process can take a few weeks after submitting your application so be patient.  Once everything is set you are a notary.

Buy your supplies

When you become a notary you will need to order your notary stamp, stickers and other supplies.  This will cost a few dollars but when you are a notary you have the ability to charge a small fee for your services as well.