A child support attorney is someone needed to negotiate on your behalf when paying or receiving child support. You may need this attorney to help resolve many matters, including setting child support, adjusting amounts, getting an order for support, establishing paternity, and more. Many attorneys offer child support services, but not every lawyer has the expertise to get the results that you want. How can you find a great child support attorney orlando fl?

Ask Around

Friends, coworkers, family members, neighbors, and even people on social media may have the information that you need to find a good child support attorney. It never hurts to ask around to learn what they know.

Bar Association

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Contact the Orlando Bar Association to get a referral to a great child support attorney. When you phone the Bar Association, their free service saves time and ensures that you get a competent lawyer ready to handle your case the right way.


A quick Google search will reveal many lawyers in the area who can take your case. Once you narrow down the search, it’s important to research the choices to find the best name out there.

Look for a Great Lawyer

When searching for a lawyer to handle your case, do not settle for just any lawyer. Hire someone that is experienced with the type of child support matter you have. They should have a good reputation in the community and is professional, courteous, and ready to ensure that you get the best outcome in court.

Finding a good lawyer may seem challenging, but when the information above is used to find that professional, it isn’t so hard. Don’t settle for less and ensure that you get a lawyer who will take care of your needs.