Aggravated Assault in Pennsylvania

Aggravated assault is a felony in the state of Pennsylvania. An individual may be charged with this crime if they intentionally cause bodily harm to another person. In some cases, a threat may also qualify as a charge, depending on the circumstances of the situation. If you’ve been charged with this crime, it’s ideal to speak to a lawyer at once.

Criminal lawyers offer free consultations for anyone who wants the help they offer. At this time, you certainly want the help that a lawyer offers. The lawyer will explain the charges against you and the potential consequences that come along with it if you are convicted. The lawyer also helps you learn what they can do for your case.

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Going to court without a lawyer could be one of the worst decisions you ever make. Not only is it scary to stand before a judge when your freedom and so much more is on the line, you may face harsher sentencing, a longer wait to go to court, and other frustrations. Don’t take this type of risk.

Get out of jail quickly with the help of a bondsman first. When you use a bondsman scranton pa, it costs only 10% of the original ordered bond amount. For example, if your bond is set at $20,000, a bondsman charges just $2,000. A small bondsman fee is added to the number as well.

Bondsmen are available to help you get out of jail 24/7. They cannot provide legal advice, but they do help you get one step closer to getting in touch with a competent lawyer who can help you in this time of need. Bondsman services are available for most anyone in the state facing an aggravated assault charge.